Ages 6+

Although this tumbling program is geared around tumbling for Cheerleading, any child who wants to learn to tumble can join. Students learn proper technique and progression of tumbling skills they need to execute for their high school, junior high, elementary, recreational and all-star Cheerleading teams. Pioneer is proud to be the “go to” facility for many of our local recreational and school Cheerleading teams.

We offer tumbling classes for every skill level.


Find the day and time that works best for your family. Click on Register to secure your spot today! The cost listed is the monthly cost for 1 class per week.

Classes Per Week


Class Length

60 Min

Class Ratio


Program Curriculum

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Lunge to handstandHandstand forward rollA back extension roll to a push upComplete understanding of back tuck before connection with other skillsA round-off back handspring layout, from 2 step and power hurdle approach
Back walkover, bridge kickoverPower hurdle round-off reboundA round-off, three back handsprings reboundA back extension roll into a handstandTwo back handsprings layout
Front walkoverA standing back handspring rebound with strong techniqueA standing two back handsprings reboundRound-off back handspring tuck (from a 2 step and power hurdle approach)Standing back tuck
Handstand bridgeFront handspring, front handspring stepoutA power hurdle round-off back handspring reboundStanding back handspring tuckPunch front through to round-off
Handstand forward roll with assistanceA round-off back handspring rebound with strong techniqueA round-off back handspring rebound onto elevated surfaceStanding back tuck off elevated surfaceA front handspring front tuck
Round-off jump back into pitBack handspring jump back into pitProper steps for a front/back tuckPunch FrontWhip through pass, after completion of technically sound layout
Steps to a back handspringJumps to front and back walkoverA front handspring step out to round-off back handspringA jump to series of standing back handspringsJump to standing back tuck
Front limbersJump pause back handspringJumps to back handspringA round-off back tuck
Jump to forward, backward roll
Jump to front, back walkover

Our Program Leader

danielleDanielle is the Tumbling Program Leader as well as a competitive head coach. Danielle designs and develops the progressive curriculum for the Program. All skills taught in this program lead up to skills next level tumbling skills. Foundational Skills are expected to be mastered before throwing bigger skills!