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Ages 18 months – 3 Years Old

It’s a wonderful age for children to learn gymnastics, and we understand that movement plays a crucial role in their development! We have tailored our curriculum to facilitate the direct correlation between active movement and brain function, allowing each student to progress at their own pace. As a parent participation class, we offer age-appropriate weekly obstacle courses and skills that promote gross motor skill development. While fun is a top priority, we encourage children to gradually work more independently each week. Our structured activities and added skills lead to improved listening and comprehension. With each passing week, you’ll witness your child gaining newfound confidence and independence while exploring exciting new themes.

Our class begins and ends with an energetic intro and goodbye song, accompanied by physical motions that our students (and sometimes parents) enjoy participating in. Parents also play a role in supporting their children as they learn the fundamentals of rolling, jumping, hanging and climbing. Through our activities, children learn to watch, listen, and follow basic directions. We’re confident that our Tiny Stars program is the best choice for your child’s development!


Our program emphasizes the practice of basic but essential skills that we often overlook, including walking, galloping, jumping, hopping, side-sliding, leaping, and skipping. By honing these simple movements, we help your child develop a solid foundation for more complex movements in the future. Our approach is designed to promote coordination, balance, and agility while making learning enjoyable and engaging for your child.


As children develop their ability to learn new skills and grasp new concepts, they become better equipped to understand current events, solve problems, and enhance their memory. Even toddlers can begin to interpret the meanings of their experiences. You’ll be amazed at the progress they make in just a few weeks as they come into class and confidently choose a color to sit on, demonstrating their growing cognitive abilities. By fostering this development, we empower children to become more independent, curious, and engaged learners.


Engaging in organized physical activities can offer toddlers a valuable opportunity to boost their physical activity and build their physical and social skills. By participating in this class, your child will gain the necessary skills and abilities to prepare them for any other sports or activities they may choose to take part in. Our program is designed to promote physical fitness & coordination while instilling a love of sports and physical activity in your child from a young age


We believe that socialization is just as crucial as physical development, which is why it is a strong component of our curriculum. Through interactions with other students, instructors, and even strangers, children learn invaluable skills that help them navigate the social world. By engaging in social activities, children develop language skills, learn to cope with their emotions, and understand how to function within social norms. Our program is designed to promote socialization in a safe and supportive environment, helping children to build meaningful relationships, develop confidence, and enhance their communication skills.


Take a look at the schedule below and find the day and time that suits your family best. Once you have chosen your preferred class, simply click “Register” and fill out the required information to secure your spot. Please note that the tuition listed represents the monthly cost for one class per week during the month. Additionally, all students are required to become members of the facility, which incurs an annual $25 membership fee.

If a class has reached maximum capacity, the status will be displayed as “waitlist”. However, you can still register for the class and select the waitlist option. We maintain a waitlist of interested students and contact them in the order we received their registration, as soon as a spot becomes available. It’s important to note that registering for the waitlist doesn’t carry any obligation, and you will not be charged until you are officially enrolled in the class.


  • Follow the Leader
  • Copy Positions: Table, Tuck, Stretches
  • Moving Through Obstacles
  • Taking Turns
  • Socialization
  • Object Placement / Clean Up
  • Motor Skill Development
  • Hopping
  • Jumping
  • Frog Jumps
  • Bunny Hops
  • Walking Backwards
  • Bear Crawls
  • Forward Walks
  • Sideway Walks
  • Jump Off
  • Jumping
  • Bunny Hops
  • Bear Crawls
  • Hanging
  • Toe Touches
  • Swings
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Tables





45 MIN





About our Tiny Stars Director

Kierstyn is a highly skilled Preschool and School Age Program Leader, who instructs in both programs. She is responsible for designing and developing the progressive curriculum and themes for both programs, ensuring a smooth transition for children. When Kierstyn isn’t working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and twin daughters, nurturing her love for family and creating wonderful memories.

Children develop their fundamental movement skills between the ages of 2 and 5. Each stage of a youngster’s development presents critical learning periods. In general, a child will benefit by their involvement in gymnastics regardless of the age that they begin!

Open gym is strictly Parent/tot. In Tiny Stars class, an instructor leads parent/tot through skills, games and exercises. Simple tasks are requested so tots can easily be rewarded and the weekly theme’s have unique skills and games.

While some children may not be quite ready to move from a parent child class when they turn three, once your child “ages” out of the class at three years old, he or she can move to our Mini Stars classes which are independent classes.

Your Child will experience thrilling moments in the gym which range from rolling on mats to playing group parachute games. Their experience on the gymnastics apparatus is normally in the form of obstacle courses. The tots are encouraged to climb, crawl, and jump from station to station. The objectives at each station are basic motor patterns and therefore, simple to complete. Tot and parent share all of this excitement as they work through each class as partners. An additional benefit of being involved in gymnastics at this young age is the opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age. Sharing, following simple directions and social skill development are all-important aspects of a Parent/Tot Program. Long verbal explanations and demonstrations by the teacher are kept to a minimum due to the children’s short attention span.

At this age shorts & t-shirt are perfectly fine. Leotards are also an option and available for purchase in our pro-shop!


More than 30,000 families in our area have selected Pioneer for their children’s gymnastics training. Our achievement begins with our small class sizes, our flexible policy of unlimited make-up classes, our convenient location, and our commitment to inspiring, unlocking, and enabling every child’s potential.

You can sign up for a class with the assurance that if it doesn’t work out for any reason, you can contact us within 14 days to cancel and receive a full refund.