5 Yrs – 10 yrs

Once your daughter reaches kindergarten she is eligible to enroll in this gymnastics level. We allow boys to enroll in this program as well, however we do not have boys equipment.

Skills taught include cartwheels, handstands and rolls as well as basics on bars, beam, and vault. Girls are organized into classes according to both age and ability. As a student in this program, your daughter will benefit from increased physical activity and improve in areas such as strength, flexibility and coordination. Our skill development curriculum is progressive and the skills will be worked on all 4 Olympic Gymnastic events (Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam & Floor Exercise) as well as Trampoline.


Please look for the class that is within your child’s age range then find the day and time that works best for your family. Click on Register to secure your spot today! The tuition listed is the monthly cost for 1 class per week during the month.

AGES 5-7

AGES 8-10

Classes Per Week


Class Length

50 Min

Child / Instructor Ratio


Program Curriculum

Vault Beam Bars Floor
Running Front Support Mount Handwalks Forward Roll
Handstands V-Sit (10-second hold) Swings Backward Roll (on wedge mat)
High Knees Knee Scale Possum Swing Wall Handstand (10-second hold)
Hurdle Forward/Backward Walks Tuck Hold 3/4 Handstand (Lunge-to-Lunge)
Hurdle with run Cartwheels Chin Hold Cartwheel
Safe Landing Position Releve Walks Front Support Splits (Proper Position)
Straight Jump Handstands Cast Candle Stick to Straight Jump
Tuck Jump Straight Jump Cast (hips off) Jump with Stuck Landing
Straddle Jump Straight/Tuck Jump Dismount Cast to Stick
Sequences Back Hip Circle Bridge / Bridge Kick-over

Shining Stars Program works on all 4 Olympic Events

artistic-gym-womenThe Shining Stars program is held in our Main gym that has the same equipment as you see on TV.

FLOOR: Your child will work on the floor with obstacle courses, stretching and tumbling skills and drills.

BARS: Your child will work on the low bar on the Uneven bars and different drills surrounding the bars.

BEAM: We have low beams and high beams your child will work on as well as drills on them through circuits.

VAULT: Your child will being to work on vault drills on a soft vault before moving to the olympic vault!

Our Program Leader

danielleDanielle is the Shining Stars Program Leader as well as a competitive head coach. Danielle designs and develops the progressive curriculum for the Shining Stars Program. All skills taught in this program lead up to skills needed for advanced gymnastics and competitive gymnastics.


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