JOIN TEAM Pioneer.

Do you like to give high fives? Do you like to have fun and be silly? At Pioneer, you will make a difference in the lives of children and be a part of something bigger than yourself. We pride ourself on hiring people who LOVE LOVE CHILDREN. 

So maybe you love children but maybe you don’t really know gymnastics? If you are fun, energetic, dependable, and eager to learn, Pioneer is the place for you.  We will teach you all the skills, just bring the fun!

Current Openings


Pioneer is looking for upbeat, friendly people who enjoy working with people and children at the front desk. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, answering phones, handling registrations and trials, general secretarial duties and light cleaning.


Pioneer is always looking for great people so don’t hesitate to apply if you are upbeat, reliable, energetic, enjoy working with kids and have a passion for unlock potential.  Coaching kids and experience in the sport is preferred, but not required. Training is extensive to ensure everyone is successful!


Pioneer aspires to provide amazing experiences for Children and families at Birthday Parties & Kids Fun Nights! If you think this is something you’d be great at, don’t hesitate to apply!


Attention Summer Camp Counselors! Next Years camp planning is in the works and we’re looking for camper group leads! Ninja, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Game leads, Snack & Lunch Leads, Outdoor Games & Water Game leads. If you’ve been a counselor at a camp before. We run 10 weeks of camp, 8:30-3:00.


We’re looking for someone who is motivated to work with children of all ages and abilities. To be able to teach at different levels and different art materials at the same time! If you have this creative talent and are available during the summer (art teacher break!) then shoot us an application!


Have a passion for a spotless work area? Have time in the evenings?  (gyms and office/lobby): 2-3 hour shifts starting after 7pm Mon-Fri (sunday evenings). 1 evening or 5, we’re looking for people who want to help us keep the gym incredibly clean!

Our Mission Is Simple. “Do Great Things for Kids!”

Pioneer is an extended family for many and we’re here to deliver valuable life skills and lessons. We’re here to help inspire each and every child to dream big and to work hard for something they want, we’re just disguised as a sports program. We treat everyone equal. Some of us are just starting our career while some of us are veterans; but we’re all caring professionals working tirelessly with children to help them achieve their goals and for each child to feel valued for who they are and not just what they accomplish. We keep pushing the limits so we turn “I can’t do that” to “I got this” but at the end, we do great things for kids.

Our Core Values

The #1 responsibility of each employee in Our Company, from the President to the most junior trainee, is ‘stewardship of the 5 Points.’ Many companies speak of its values. At Pioneer, we live our values, they guide us in Company direction, program design and our hiring decisions as well as in our personal interactions.

  • Safety First = Customers First
  • Inspire Individual Potential 
  • Embrace Professionalism and Pursue Excellence with Honor
  • Relish the Opportunity to Work with Each Child and Customer
  • Make it fun