Ages 4+

Children need a structured program to channel their energy sometimes, improve their focus and listening skills, and aid their physical development. YOU need a program that’s going to reinforce the discipline and life skills you’re trying to teach at home.

Register your child for our action-packed 55 minute Tiny Tigers / white belt class once per week. Our certified Black Belt instructors guarantee improvements in focus, active-listening, self-control, and physical abilities in as little as 45 days or 6 classes.

Children advance in rank as well as develop a sense of accomplishment. Nothing prepares children better for the long road to becoming a black belt!



Find the day and time that works best for your family below. Click on “Register” to fill out all information needed to secure your spot! The tuition listed below is the monthly cost for 1 class per week during the month. Please note that we require all students to be members of the facility which is an annual $25 membership.

Monthly Tuition:
1 class per week = $97
Second enrollment and beyond -50% monthly tuition off


Developing focus and self-control is paramount for young children. Tiny-Tigers practice taking directions from their adult instructors, and concentrating on simple tasks for progressively greater lengths of time. This class will reinforce life-skills such as listening, working cooperatively, and picking up after ourselves. Entry level Taekwondo routines are broken down into ‘bite-sized’ increments so that students may progress steadily and confidently! Coaches keep all techniques and skills limited to simple gross-motor movements designed to improve attributes such as balance and coordination. Kids will quickly discover the joy of training through super fun play-based learning in every lesson!


Elementary Taekwondo Techniques (based upon universal principles of motion) are used as a vehicle in which to impart our core values to new students. This means that ideas such as teamwork, integrity, humility, and respect of self and others are intrinsically woven into our process. Taekwondo training is just as much mental as it is physical. Students will gain confidence and self-esteem through their new found abilities, acclimate to the structure of class, and be encouraged to express themselves in a fun and exciting fashion! This class will teach them the positive and respectful attitude, self-discipline, and power of focus needed to succeed.
This is their first step in their journey to Black-Belt excellence!


The basic concepts, principles, and patterns introduced at White-Belt are now further refined into the beginning of a full-fledged system of fitness and self-defense. Starting from this strong foundation, students will learn to move powerfully and aesthetically by building-out their first choreographed routines. These “Traditional Forms” represent the root of our art. Exercises like this embody the careful balance of spirit and process; which is the very definition of Martial Arts.
Memorizing these Traditional Forms will build their sense of self-efficacy in a way few other things can! This is the beginning of their Taekwondo journey in earnest. Through their efforts, students will quickly learn to appreciate the value of hard work and perseverance!

This class is 55 Minutes Long. Orange + belts are asked to practice 2 core belt classes per week, while Green is asked to practice 3x per week with a minimum of 2 core belt classes.


This next phase of training will follow up on their previous introduction to basic patterns and Traditional Forms, massively expanding their repertoire of the solo-routines; which constitute the true building-blocks of the Martial Arts. Like any calistentic, these solo-routines—consisting of a collection of time-honored best practices—help condition and shape us into the best version of ourselves! Serious training for free-sparring also begins now! The sport-specific training involved in competitive-style Taekwondo practice works wonders to increase flexibility, develop quickness, and build strength and stamina. Done right, sparring exercises reduce
aggressiveness, heighten self-control, and instill a healthy sense of assertiveness!


Our high tier Color-Belt curriculum KICKS training all the way up into high-gear! At this level students will complete their catalogue of essential Taekwondo techniques. By the conclusion of this level, students will be well versed in the correct mechanical execution of all of the fundamental kicks, blocks, punches, etcetera, which comprise the art as a whole. Having now learned all the basics necessary to perform Taekwondo with both poise and power, students can get serious about translating ALL of their awesome techniques into applicable skills! The penultimate level of Deputy-Black is the final cumulative review of everything they have learned. At this level the basic training ends, and now leadership training begins!