Covid-19 Guidelines – Dec 2020 Update

Dear Pioneer Gymnastics Families:

We are humbled by the continued support of our families during this time. The new normal is here to stay for the foreseeable future so we ask that you assist us in doing your part to keep other families and our employees safe as you come into the facility. Our staff continues to be committed to social distancing, hygiene, health checks, cleaning, as well as Pioneer specific COVID19 control policies. In addition, Pioneer has implemented strict regulations for our staff in regards to their ability to be on the premises if they are feeling unwell. Please take a few minutes to read requirements below, and follow them to ensure that Pioneer remains a safe facility during this time. The state continues to refine guidelines and add/lift new restrictions so please stay tuned for any changes, as any of this is subject to change without much notice.

We continue to have limited capacity. Our business has been built on a foundation of safety and caring and we will continue to make decisions that deliver against that responsibility.

ALL classes and programs are running at a very limited capacity.

Social Distancing

  • All athletes and parents must remain at least six feet apart from others for the greatest extent possible.
  • Customers are asked to not enter the Pioneer Office. All interactions should be done phone or email. Cash and check payments should be limited. Please email us if this is the only form of payment, otherwise everything should be done on
  • All athletes over the age of 5 must wear a mask at all times in the facility. A mask break will be provided safely when needed. 
  • Any athletes under the age of 5 are strongly encouraged to wear a mask but it is not mandatory. 
  • Carline procedures:


  • All customers, staff and students must wear face masks at all times both inside, and outside of the building. Participants are required to wear face masks while participating in athletic events in our facility as of November 14, 2020. 
  • All customers must use hand sanitizer stations or wash hands upon entry, and exit of the facility.
  • We ask that customers wash their hands as frequently as possible in our restrooms.
  • Please try to use the restroom at home before you come to practice. 
  • Athletes will be given sanitizer for their hands and feet between each rotation. 
  • Equipment used,  will be  sanitized after every rotation. 

Facility Control Plan

  • Please review our facility entrance, and exit plan including from the parking lots and where to enter. 
  • No more than ten (10) participants are allowed in any group. Our facility can accommodate multiple groups while maintaining enough distance in-between groups.
  • No contact will be permitted unless deemed necessary for safety. 
  • Pioneer is currently restricted to supervised youth programs and camps only for indoor surfaces (18 and under)
  • We ask that only one (1) guardian enter the building with their participant if absolutely  necessary for children over 5. 
  • Guardians are permitted to stay with participants under the age of 5  as long as they remain at least six feet away from other customers. Health screens are done at the door prior to leaving any child at the facility.

Documentation on Policies and procedures

All of our policies and procedures are derived from the guidance we’ve received from the Massachusetts Executive Office, CDC and Board of Health.