The McKinnon Family

The Vision that Grew

Pioneer’s President Danielle S McKinnon grew up in this gym and her coaches taught her far more than a cartwheel, back handspring or how to compete in gymnastics nationally. This gym became an extended family and her training taught valuable life skills and lessons. To this day her closest friends are those who did gymnastics with her throughout her career. When Danielle purchased Pioneer in 2004 from her previous mentor and coach, she wanted to use it as a platform to inspire each and every child to dream big and to work hard for something they want. She envisioned a facility where all would be treated equal regardless of ability. Danielle wanted to create a culture and community where families would find caring professionals working tirelessly with their children to achieve there goals and have their children feel valued for who they are and not what they did. Taking her experience as a level 10 gymnast, coach, judge, business owner, mother of two and a M.S. in Psychology, Danielle brings all of these perspectives together to form the vision of what Pioneer is, and what Pioneer does to build and unlock each child’s potential.

We hope you feel the passion and excitement that we work so hard to create. We welcome you to become a Pioneer Family.


The #1 responsibility of each employee in Our Company, from the President to the most junior trainee, is ‘stewardship of the 5 Points.’ Many companies speak of its values. At Pioneer, we live our values, they guide us in Company direction, program design and our hiring decisions as well as in our personal interactions.

  • Safety First = Customers First
  • Inspire Individual Potential 
  • Embrace Professionalism and Pursue Excellence with Honor
  • Relish the Opportunity to Work with Each Child and Customer
  • Make it fun


Unlock, Enable and Inspire Every Child’s Individual Potential


Fundraisers & Donations

Pioneer Supports many local schools and non-profit organizations with sponsorships, donations or gift certificates for raffles. One of our largest donations, but most proud was how our pioneer family (customers, friends & staff) came together to raise money for Baystate Children’s Hospital came in 2017/2018. It took a community to do but on behalf of the Pioneer Family, we were able to donate $19,200 to Baystate.